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Property Development and Effective Risk Management

Tue 14 Aug, 2018 • Industry Updates • 3 minute read

Risk Society Risk has become a paradigm in the modern world given the ever-arising complexities of the 21st Century. The real estate industry is no stranger to this, with its reliance on human labour and external elements that can’t be controlled. Given that most industries have some connection to one another, it's clear that ...

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The Impact of Environmental Degradation on the Property Market

Wed 13 Jun, 2018 • Industry Updates, Education • 1 minute read

Global Warming and the Real Estate Industry With the threat of global warming growing more tangible by the day, the effects of pollution and environmental degradation spread further and pervade even the most unlikeliest of industries. In this context, the real estate market has not escaped unscathed and faces unforeseen short a...

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Recent Trends in the Australian Property Market

Thu 08 Mar, 2018 • Technology, Industry Updates • 3 minute read

With the commercial and residential property bubbles often being a key talking point in the press, emerging trends and technologies can offer property developers insight into the market as well as provide guidance on how best to approach and manage development projects. We've identified some of the recent key trends we've see...

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Real Estate Automation Software - an End to Manual Processes

Tue 27 Feb, 2018 • Technology, Industry Updates • 3 minute read

All around the world businesses are continuously and rapidly moving towards a more digitised way of working, collaborating and communicating. This is equally true for the real estate industry; with the increase of tailor made software solutions and a range of technologies that cover sales, data analytics, marketing and lead gene...

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Property Development Software and Technologies

Fri 02 Feb, 2018 • Technology, Industry Updates • 4 minute read

Among the growing array of online tools for businesses, services relating to property development is one that is rapidly gaining traction among developers within the industry. Property development software and technology can encompass a range of tools for the efficient execution of real estate related project activities. These g...

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