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Feature Update | Lead Scoring

With Lead Scoring, Property Shell isn't just offering a tool; it's providing a strategic advantage. By focusing your efforts on leads that are statistically more likely to convert, you can optimise your time and resources, ultimately boosting your overall efficiency and success rate.

A Strategic Guide to Incremental Real Estate Tech Adoption

As the real estate industry braces for the era of digital transformation, the plethora of property tech solutions can be overwhelming. Determining what is essential and what is merely a task can be challenging. Instead of opting for an all-encompassing approach, consider embracing technology one step at a time. Here are some strategic tips for gradually incorporating tech into your real estate business, saving both time and money.

Balancing Development With the Preservation of the Environment

By uniting responsible development with environmental conservation, Woodbury Ridge creates lasting value for its homeowners while safeguarding the natural heritage for generations to come. Indeed, it serves as an inspiring model for sustainable practices that other developments across the country can emulate and draw inspiration from.

Navigating the Pitfalls in CRM Pricing

Effective planning and budgeting is critical in real estate development. However, the planning fallacy, hidden costs, and the law of sunken costs can complicate these processes. In this blog post, we will explore how generic CRM systems exploit the planning fallacy through hidden cost structures, while highlighting the benefits of a comprehensive and transparent solution like Property Shell. By understanding these concepts, property professionals can make informed decisions, accurately forecast technology spending, and avoid unexpected financial surprises