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Property Shell's features are all powerful. From inception through to completion, we bring the power to manage, sell, build and deliver with ease through cutting-edge technology. With simplicity at its core, Property Shell is one-of-a-kind.

Marketing and CRM Phone Software

Marketing & Lead Management

Property Shell's CRM capabilities give you the power to drive sales outcomes with tools to generate, track and manage leads with ease.

  • Nurture, communicate and convert leads with confidence and 100% visibility
  • Empower your sales teams with advanced lead management tools
  • Maximise lead conversion, optimise marketing campaign cost & performance management
  • Optimise your marketing and traffic conversion with cross platform integrations, communication and marketing automation
Realtor CRM

Property Listings & Sales Management

Simplify sales, pricing, and stock management across small, medium and large scale property projects

  • Advanced stock list & sales control
  • Single and multi-agent allocations and management
  • Advanced sales management across single and multi-stage developments
  • Customised real time reporting
  • Collobaration first - a one stop shop for all project partners including developers, sales channels, solicitors, construction groups, marketing teams and more

Contract & Document Management

Reduce risk, maximise productivity and centralise the entire contract and document management process to drive a simplified, collaborative and harmonised back office.

  • Advanced contract workflows with one time data entry from enquiry to completion
  • Centralised document management to warehouse and seamlessly distribute from one source
  • Never miss a change again. Complete variation, change and package management
  • Automated workflows and communications
  • Reduced human error, increased productivity and satisfied purchasers
Contract and Sales Management

One platform.
Deposits & Payments

Simplify your finance management and gain full visibility over the payments process from purchaser payments and deposits through to automated commission generation and accounting software integration.

  • Automatically generate and track agent commissions with complex payment terms and automation
  • Integrate with trusted accounting and financial software providers to automate payments processes
  • Advanced deposit and purchaser payment tracking for every step of the way
Property Project

Settlement & Completion

Drive communications, book and manage appointment and inspections and manage the entire settlement and completion process with active buyer engagement, reporting and risk mitigation management.

Reduced Risk

Powerful status tracking and buyer communications to identify problem areas early. Mitigate settlement risk well before completion.

Satisfied Purchasers

An entire platform to manage bookings, defects, tasks and communications promoting buyer satisfaction and confidence in completion.

Property Shell Integrations

Seamless Integration

The power of Property Shell extends beyond the central platform to provides a seamless experience to integrate with some of your favourite tools.

Simple Connectivity

Jump start your projects and sales with simple installation and connection

Communications & Collaboration

Take advantage of automation, promote collaboration and have one source of truth to manage all of your information from inception through to completion

API Connectivity

With Property Shell, you have complete control and flexibility to build and manage your own connections to work the way you want

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