Conveyancing & Settlement Management

Property Shell provides the tools to underpin the entire conveyancing process from sale through to settlement. Whether it's deposit management, contract administration or purchaser correspondence, Property Shell brings industry standards together to simplify conveyancing from start to finish.

Simplified Information Management

Contract Management

Centralise all of your contracts with one time entry of purchaser information from sales enquiry through to settlement.

Document Management

Track sale, contract and development documentation centrally across your entire project and share it seamlessly with your partners.


Take advantage of an entire suite of tools to automate reports, data entry and document prodcution to simplify tracking, quality control and task management.

Sales Management Snippet

Developer-Agent-Lawyer Collaboration

Automated Data Entry

Capture everything once from the moment a buyer walks into the display suite to settlement of their contract, no more double data entry or wasted communication.

Real Time Collaboration

Drive collaboration both within your organisation and across your partners to drive efficiency not just for you, but for project partners too.

Automated Communication

Integrate with our automated e-mail service to manage all of your correspondence, from automated notifications to full purchaser correspondence and history tracking, all from one centralised location.

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Optimised Settlement Management

Defect management

Manage defects and inspections with the builder and sub-contractors throughout construction, settlement and post-settlement periods.

Standardised, Self-Serve Practices

Automated settlement bookings, document distribution and standardised settlement preparation for everyone.

Automated Documentation Production

Prepare pre-settlement and settlement documentation and streamline the communication and distribution to all parties involved.

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