Settlement Services


Settlement Services & Solutions

Property Shell's settlement service team of experienced professionals provides an end-to-end settlement solution to drive maximum conversion at settlement, including management of two-way buyer communication, risk minimisation and mitigation, financing support, valuer and purchaser inspections and comprehensive, real time settlement reporting.

Property Development Services

Settlement Strategy, Planning & Execution

We work with you to design, plan and execute the pre-settlement process and timeline to seek maximum conversion at settlement

Buyer Communications Prepartion & Delivery

Planning, preparation, delivery and tracking of all outgoing communications including construction updates, settlement FAQs and timelines for buyers and agents

Settlement Risk Mitigation

Execution of proven methodologies to measure settlement risk and undertake necessary mitigation strategies

One-on-one Buyer Communication

Active individual engagement with all buyers and sales agents throughout the pre-settlement period

Buyer Settlement Support Desk

Accessible business hour support desk to handle all incoming and outgoing buyer communications

Ongoing Buyer Assessment & Tracking

Sophisticated and mathematically driven risk assessment driven by buyer profiling, status tracking and timing

Multilingual Settlement Team

A team of experts to selectively work with buyers in Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa and English

Multi-channel Buyer Engagement

Engagement with local and foreign buyers over multiple channels including WeChat, SMS, Phone, E-mail and WhatsApp

Real Time Risk Tracking & Reporting

A technology driven process giving you real time, instant visibility to comprehensive settlement status tracking and reporting

Finance Broker Support & Referrals

Provision of finance broker contact information for both foreign and local buyers requiring assistance with settlement

Bookings Management

Management of all bookings throughout pre-settlement including buyer (defect) and valuation bookings

Purchaser & Valuer Inspections

Coordination and conducting of buyer (defects) and valuer inspections including tracking of defects and status through the Property Shell Software Platform

Valuation Risk Management

Measuring and reporting on valuation risk both prior to and throughout the pre-settlement period

Valuer's Settlement Pack

Design, delivery and distribution of the valuation settlement report prior to the valuation period

Vendor's Solicitor Coordination

Coordination with the vendors solicitor to track nominations, settlement status changes and general queries

Final Key Handover Services

Bookings, welcome and final key handover services post settlement

In the lead up to settlement, it’s imperative that buyer communication, support and risk mitigation strategies are in place not just to ensure a smooth settlement process, but to minimise default at settlement. In any given development, a percentage of buyers will almost certainly have issues settling due to reasons ranging from financing difficulties through to changes in personal circumstances.

Property Shell’s end-to-end settlement services are specifically designed to target, support and drive maximum conversion at settlement. Acting as the developer, we prepare and deliver branded buyer communications before commencing one-on-one buyer and agent engagement. Through our support desk, we coordinate settlement issues and queries, provide financing alternatives via specialised broker introductions and handle all pre-settlement buyer and agent enquiry.

Just prior to settlement, we conduct valuer and purchaser inspections before assisting buyers in the final leg to settlement. Through this process, we not only track and provide sophisticated reporting in real time, but we actively work to monitor, manage and reduce issues and default risk at settlement.

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