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Accessibility and usability of this site

This websites strives to uphold the principles and best practices of web accessibility guidelines with our central objective being that our users can acces and practically use our site in practice. We have made measures to ensure web content is accessible and have kept to using HTML and CSS frameworks as well as following guidelines of correct usage and implentation of HTML content and structure. For example, we use responsive design principles to ensure our content is readable and accessible on smaller devices or for individuals requiring larger content appearance.

Accessibility features

This website has been designed responsively meaning it can be enlarged for smaller devices with a fluid column layout and str

Additional Resources

There are several exteral resources available to you to understand the tools available to you to improve accessibility not just for this site, but for computer and internet browsing use in general

Some examples include:

Image Alternative Tag

This website uses minimal graphics and images to ease navigation, limit clutter, and increase load speed.

To eliminate confusion for speech synthesizers, screen readers and other assistive technology and software, we use descriptive alternative text for image ALT tags to assist visually impaired site visitors. When the device encounters a graphic, site visitors hear a short description of what is set forth in the ALT tag, such as, "screenshot of purchaser record", rather than the generic image notification.

Known Barriers

Not every page on our network will have the accessibility features we strive to offer. If you find a page or section inaccessible do not hesitate to contact us so we can understand your needs and make any improvements where necessary.

Should you encounter any inaccessible documents you can use free online conversion tools to open them (for example, Adobe offers a free online conversion tool for PDF documents)


We welcome feedback on the accessibility and usability of this website. If you have had any problems or any issues while using our site, please let us know by getting in touch.

You can use the contact form on our site here.