Features - Conveyancing & Contract Management

Across the life of a property development, tracking and managing sales information, preparing documentation and managing contracts can be a tedious process. Without good technology, delays, errors and slow response times will significantly add to project cost and risk. Ranging from contract administration to purchaser correspondence, Property Shell brings industry standards together to simplify conveyancing and contract management from start to finish.

Centralised Contract Management

Contract Management Tools

Centralise all of your contracts with one time entry of information from sales enquiry through to settlement.

Digital contracts

Work with us to digitise your contract process, allowing you to drive efficiency, cost savings and reduced error throughout selling, construction and settlement.

Variation & Package Management

Track all of your variations and packages and drive a smooth construction process whilst providing added value to purchasers.

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Streamlined Process Management

Automated Data Entry

Capture everything once from first contact through to settlement. No more double data entry or wasted time during follow up and 3rd party communication.

Document Management

Track all of your contract, sale and development documentation centrally across your entire project and share seamlessly with your partners.

Real Time Collaboration

Drive collaboration both within your organisation and across your partners to drive efficiency not just for you, but for project partners too.

Automated Communication

Integrate with our automated e-mail service to manage all of your correspondence, from automated notifications to full purchaser correspondence and history tracking, all from one centralised location.

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Simple, Safe & Secure

24/7 Access, Any Where, Any Time

Whether your on the go or working offsite, access all of your sales and contract information from anywhere, at any time.

Find Information Fast

Sharing and accessing summarised information has never been easier. Whether preparing summarised reporting for construction or analysing contract particulars, you can take comfort in being able to access everything in a heartbeat.

Never Lose A File Again

Centralised, standardised and streamlined management processes will drive your project's success from day one through to settlement.

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