Features - Payments & Deposits

Managing payments across your project can be time consuming and labor intensive, involving manual processes, short timeframes, and constant checking and confirmation. Property Shell takes the headache out of these processes, allowing you to focus on project delivery and success through technology and automation.

Deposit Management

Real Time, Secure Deposit Tracking

Take advantage of Property Shell's simplified deposit management tools to manage the deposit process through reservation, contract exchange and settlement


Integrate with trust accounting and financial providers to automate the deposit process, meaning real time updates and the removal of manual deposit management processes

Notifications & Tracking

Automated notifications and tracking of late, overpaid or underpaid deposits across every step of the process

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Project Payments

Third Party Payments & Agent Commission

Integrated project payment process allowing for real time set up of rules, centralised management and streamlined back office payment processing

Streamlined Back Office Processing

Automated tools and simplified tools to automatically generate and process project payments throughout your entire back office

Simplified & Centralised

Standardised processes and simplified tools for both ground level staff and management to track budget, forecast and actual financial success

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Simplified & Safe

Real Time, Automated Reports

Instant reporting summarising financial progress and tracking to date, allowing you to make fact informed decisions fast and with confidence

24/7 Access, Any Where, Any Time

Securely access Property Shell from any device, any where and at any time

Effortless Management

An entire suite of simplified payment tools to support your entire project team and decision making the entire way through

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