Features - Real Estate CRM

The ability to generate leads and convert those leads into sales is key to the successful delivery of property developments. Property Shell provides a complete real estate CRM software package that will support you to deliver effective marketing and sales campaigns and convert leads generated from these campaigns. Managing your marketing, communication, leads and sales has never been easier.

Campaign & Marketing Tools

Marketing & Campaigns

Track and monitor all of your marketing efforts and sales campaigns through our end-to-end full suite CRM (Custom Relationship Management) technology

Reporting & Performance

Real time, instant access to marketing performance and reporting, supporting not only control of project costs, but focused effort on effective marketing campaigns

Optimisation & Focused Selling

Enterprise level reporting provides you the ability to instantly optimise your campaigns and marketing spend, ultimately meaning you sell faster and with less cost

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Powerful Lead Generation

Quality Leads

Powerful lead generation, tracking and integration tools allow you to filter and focus on quality lead sources and conversion effort


Property Shell automates much of the lead generation process, connecting to a large range of lead generation sources from real estate websites through to social media and e-mail marketing campaigns

Comprehensive Lead Reporting

Track the performance and conversion of potential real estate sales, support you to focus on selling and conversion

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Simple Processes. First Class Collaboration.

Buyer Communications & History

Connect with your buyers, track their entire history and communicate with them seamlessly to ensure maximum satisfaction, simplified transactions and conversion at settlement

Task Management

Managing your team and staying on top of your tasks has never been easier. Property Shell automatically tracks tasks and provides a rich toolset to manage your internal and external day-to-day operations

Team Activity Tracking

Take advantage of the ability to see the most recent activity and full history of updates across your entire project. This gives you the benefit of not only staying close to your project, but to serve your purchasers instantly

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