Features - Sales Management

At the heart of any development is effective decision making and management throughout the sales process. Communication with sales agents, managing leads, reservations, sales, contracts and documentation are just some of the many critical activities involved throughout selling. Behind it all, Property Shell provides a rich toolset to manage these processes from pre-enquiry through to settlement.

Comprehensive Management Tools

Enhanced Decision Making

Make fact informed decisions with access to a full suite of sales tools and reporting that give you the depth and oversight to respond fast and with confidence

Improved Sales Timelines

Process sales reservations and enhance your project marketing capabilities to handle both window front and back office sales management

Sales Control & Management

The further you are up from the ground level of your business, the more you need to rely on systems to understand the status and ground reality of the business. Track, control and respond to your business and projects quickly and with powerful oversight

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Powerful Sales Management

Reservation Management

Manage not only purchasers but all elements of the sale from sales packages & incentives to purchaser communications and agent performance

Stock & Sales Control

Effectively monitor and manage your properties, sales mix and allocations in real time and with complete transparency, control and security

Multi-Agent Management

Empower your agents with selling tools whilst maintaining control on multi-agent projects through comprehensive security restrictions

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Powerful Reporting & Collaboration

Empowered & Connected Sales Teams

Connect your teams and empower them with access to real time information from available properties for sale to purchaser conditions and sales history

Comprehensive Sales Reporting

Track and monitor your sales in real time and with full visibility across all of your projects, supporting you to steer your developments with certainty and control

Operational Efficiency

Property Shell supports you and your partners to deliver faster, with more confidence and with seamless collaboration through every stage of your project

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