Features - Settlement & Defects

Property Shell brings a rich toolset to manage not only settlement processes, but the ability to monitor and reduce settlement risk. We bring a comprehensive suite of analysis tools to manage risk and drive conversion at settlement. In addition, Property Shell provides tools to manage defects and transactions at settlement.

Risk Management

Project-wide Collaboration

Take advantage of an entire suite of tools to reduce settlement risk from automated reporting to centralised management of agents and buyers.

Financing Status & Buyer Tracking

Powerful financial status tracking and buyer communication to identify problem areas early on and mitigate settlement risk well before completion.

Risk Reporting & Analysis

Identify high risk areas instantly from foreign buyer finance through to local valuation risk and mitigation activities.

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Defect Management & Completion

Simplified Defect Tracking

Manage defect status and repair with the builder and sub-contractors throughout construction, settlement and post-settlement periods.

Instant communication

Track key communications including defect status and summaries through to defect completion and inspection

Buyer Satisfaction

Property Shell provides an entire platform to manage bookings, defects, tasks and communications keeping your buyers satisfied with their purchase and confident in your delivery.

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Settlement & Transaction Management

Bookings & Inspections

A simplified booking system to manage all settlement activities including defect and valuer inspections, settlement bookings and more.

Standardised, Self-Serve Practices

Automated settlement bookings, document distribution and standardised settlement preparation for everyone.

Settlement Documentation

Prepare pre-settlement and settlement documentation and streamline the communication and distribution to all parties involved.

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