Property Shell Support & FAQs

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What is Property Shell?

Property Shell is a cloud based software platform to manage the development of residential, commerical and/or industrial property.

Who uses Property Shell?

The Property Shell platform is predominantly used by property developers but also includes real estate agents, solicitors and project managers. Our users often extend access to other project partners including builders, investors, financiers and more.

How is Property Shell customised to our business?

We create a system system that looks, feels and operates as your own and if required, will work directly with you to customise and shape the system to your requirements.

What type of property developments is the platform suitable for?

The platform is suitable for small to large residential (apartments, house & land, house, townhouse) commercial, industrial and/or mixed use property developments.

What services come with Property Shell?

We take care of project set up and take all of your existing data to port into your new Property Shell system. We advise on usage and best practice, provide training during handover, and give ongoing support across project commencement, selling, construction and settlement.

What training do you provide?

We provide on the ground training for you and your team during the implementation phase as well as provide ongoing support throughout the life of the project. Training is typically conducted at your offices with a champion and support staff from your organisation.

What support do you provide?

Apart from the on the ground support during implementation, we provide both phone and e-mail support Monday - Friday during standard business hours.

Who owns my data?

You own your data and have the right to access, use, modify, archive and delete it as you see fit.

Can you provide a demo?

We offer no committment and personalised demonstrations of the Property Shell platform for you and your partners to allow you to see and understand the platform before making a committment. Demonstrations range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.



The Property Shell platform is cloud based, so you and your team can access it from anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone.


We are constantly innovating and exploring alternatives to save you cost, time and effort throughout the property development cycle. As part of our customisation service, we often work with our clients to find ways to reduce effort and cost throughout the project.

Free And Constant Upgrades

We are always updating the Property Shell platform and release new features constantly. Updates take place seamlessly in the background so you never have to worry about any additional cost or effort. You get the latest upgrades so you can focus on the heart of what matters.

Management Service

We take care of managing the platform for you including all maintenance, hosting, upgrades and more throughout the life of the project.


The access feature is one of the most powerful features within Property Shell. You have complete control over who can access what within your system. Through this, you can protect your information whilst promoting collaboration between both internal staff and external project partners.



The Property Shell platform can be acessed over mobile and tablet devices by all of your users. This includes agents taking reservations, using tablets as a marketing tool to show case the property projects to buyers and more. Some backend office features are deliberatly excluded for desktop use only.

Supported Devices

We support both mobile and tablet devices (including Android and iOS operating systems).


Data Hosting

We host your data and the Property Shell software platform as part of our service meaning you don't have to worry about keeping your system up to date and running smoothly. Your data is hosted in state of the art data centres across multiple physical locations to keep it safe.

Backups & Redundancy

We back up all of your data for you, regularly copying your data across multiple data centres. If there ever is a disaster at one location, we're able to switch to another helping you and your information to stay safe.


All the data that goes between your browser and Property Shell is encrypted using industry-standard SSL (HTTPS) technology.

Physical Security

Each site is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with onsite security to protect against unauthorised entry. Security cameras are used to monitor both the facility premises as well as each internal area of the datacenter. We also use biometric readers for access with at least two factor authentication required to gain access to buildings. Each facility adheres to strict local and federal government guidelines and is unmarked so as not to draw any attention from the outside world.

Employee Access

Server security and data integrity is of the utmost concern for us and as a measure, none of our technical support staff have any access to the physical servers nor do they have access to the storage systems where backups reside. Only the engineering team has direct access to the physical servers.


We take your privacy seriously and believe the security of your data is key to earning and keeping your trust. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

Securely Stored Online

Using Property Shell means that your information is stored securely by us rather than on someone's personal computer. We provide one live, single source and instantly accessible data set that you have the power to control access over. Additionally, if your PC, laptop or tablet gets lost, stolen or corrupted, you don’t lose your data – it’s safely and securely stored online and backed up in several locations.

Access To My Data

No one has access to your organisation’s data unless invited by you. You are in control with all permission levels set and controlled by you. Our support team can generally access your information to help us serve and support you.

Implementation Services


We take care of the heavy lifting for you when you first come on board by providing a personalised and committed implementation support service for you. It is our committment to make sure you have a great experience right from the word go. You provide us the data and we take care of the rest. This includes setting up the project, training your team and providing support all the way through to settlement.

What You Can Expect From Us

An Implementation Consultant will set up your own Property Shell for you and be on board with you to ensure an easy and smooth transition and where required, customise your Property Shell to your needs. We work with you on the ground to ensure best practices are adopted and that you and your team is trained and ready to run right from the word go. Once you are up and running, you will have direct access to the Property Shell Support Team who are there throughout the entire journey to address any technical issues, training questions or general enquiries.

Our Expectations From You

To give yourself the opportunity to gain the most benefit, availability and level of engagement are essential. The most successful implementations occur when you are 1) Ready to start immediately, 2) Have a go-to person / champion of the implementation, 3) Available to actively participate throughout the implementation and; 4) Able to meet mutually agreed upon commitments.