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Our Focus

The Property Shell team has been hard at work over recent months focused on delivering a range of new features within our property development software platform. As at September, we've rolled out a range of new features in recent weeks with a major upcoming release coming soon.

Improved Settlement Management

Settlement risk has been a strong topic across the property industry over the last 12 months. With the successful launch of our upgraded settlement management module, we've successfully been a part of a number of pilot projects throughout this period. If you're nearing a settlement period in any of your projects, please be sure to be in touch with us so we can best guide on how you can best minimise settlement risk through Property Shell.


Introducing Sticky Filters

We've introduced the concept of sticky filters - any filtering done on any tables within Property Shell will now be saved and persist until the next time you log out.

Packages and Selections

We've also added further control around package selections. In addition to restricting packages based on access to property types and individual stages, you can now enforce further rules to only allow selections based on if a parent package exists.

And Coming Soon..

We're close to officially releasing some massive new features. Specifically, we'll be rolling out advanced reporting that will include a suite of out-of-the-box reports as well as the ability to customise your own reports. In addition, we're also upgrading our bookings management for both the sales and settlement periods including settlement, valuation and purchaser inspections.

We'll keep you updated over the coming weeks but if you have any other queries, our door is always open.

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