Fostering Off The Plan Sales and Marketing

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Fostering Off The Plan Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing teams are vital components of any property development.

Lapses in either one of these segments would likely result in a projects’ overall performance getting impacted negatively. Poor cohesion between marketing and sales efforts may end up with developments falling short as early as the lead generation stage of the sales cycle. This is especially true for multi- agent projects.

Simply speaking, the sale and marketing cohesion is important due to the fact that marketing usually crafts a projects’ key messaging, which lead generation and sales teams then use to tailor their respective pitches.

For the property development industry, the value of a combined sales and marketing effort is critical.

Why is a sales and marketing continuum so important in property development?

Prior to diving into why the continuum is so important to this particular segment, let’s first take a look at what this continuum is - this is especially meant for our readers who are unfamiliar with the topic.

Quite simply, a sales and marketing continuum takes place when both teams act in unison where marketing conducts the initial scoping and strategising - identifying prospects, Unique Selling Points (USPs), marketing strategies - and sales teams go in for the close, utilising the information provided by marketing. This needs to take place in a seamless sequence and/or process where even the slightest disconnect could hinder the entire sales cycle and, ultimately, whether or not a project is successful in generating sales.

In the property development space, this continuum is critical given the various types of developments taking place. Marketing would need to identify and create messaging that is uniquely tailored to the potential buyers of a particular property - the messaging would need to be catered to demographics and geographics, for example. Additionally, modern marketing teams are leveraging newer means of lead generation - for example, social media interest - to drive prospects towards sales personnel, who then nurture prospects all the way through to closure.

Given the increasing number of platforms prospective buyers now utilise, combined with the adoption of modern tools by property developers across the world, rapid correspondence is something that customers expect.

Therefore, to successfully facilitate this, both marketers and sales personnel need to make sure that they are deploying the most up-to-date and efficient technology that enhances the communication between them. It is in this context that many property developers have turned to real estate CRM and property development software to support these needs.

How can technology facilitate the sales and marketing continuum?

Given that the ability to generate leads and convert those leads into sales is a key part of a property developer’s success, systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have fast become critical.

Property Shell’s comprehensive real estate CRM software package helps developers deliver effective marketing and sales campaigns that generate leads, which are then converted accordingly. With a CRM system in place, sales teams can manage their prospects from the first point of contact all the way till the deal is won - giving management teams complete and end-to-end visibility of the sales pipeline. Critical and impactful information can seamlessly be shared between marketing and sales personnel via the platform, ensuring that each client-specific detail is communicated. Managing your marketing, communication, leads, and sales have never been easier.

Additionally, the powerful reporting capabilities within Property Shell’s CRM provides customers with the ability to generate reports, in real time, giving them instant access to gauging the performance of their marketing and sales efforts. Ultimately, the major advantage of deploying one of such software is that they completely automate much of the lead generation process by integrating with a plethora of platforms and lead generation sources - including websites, email marketing campaigns, and social media platforms.

Property Shell’s CRM is only one small component of the end-to-end development platform that is currently driving successful project outcomes from pre-sale through to settlement.

If you would like more information on the property development software that is transforming the development landscape, you can find valuable insights, here. In the meantime, stay tuned to our blog series for more on how technology is shaping the real estate and property development segments. If you are in need of software services to drive and manage your property business’ sales, properties, and client relationships, connect with us!

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