Balancing Development With the Preservation of the Environment

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Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Sutton, NSW, Woodbury Ridge stands as a beacon of sustainability, setting new standards for responsible land development. Spanning an impressive 185 hectares, the Developers have transformed what was once a working farm into a harmonious blend of modern living and environmental preservation just 20 minutes from Canberra’s CBD.

At the heart of the conservation efforts at Woodbury Ridge lie 4 stewardship blocks made up of three 20 hectare blocks and one 40 hectare block which comprise over half of the entire land area. These blocks serve as a natural corridor of conservation as they are guided by individual Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement’s (BSA) with the Biodiversity Conservation Trust aimed at preserving, and enhancing, native vegetation and vital habitats.

In addition to the 4 stewardship blocks, 32 hilltop blocks are specially designed to protect critical habitat for endangered species such as the Superb Parrot, Blakely’s Red Gum grassy woodland, and the Golden Sun Moth via a Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP).These ‘hilltop’ blocks range in size from 1 to 2.2 hectares.

The balance of the subdivision includes 19 ‘village blocks, each averaging .5 of a hectare, and 11 ‘riverside’ lots, ranging from 1 to 2.5 hectares that are not subject to the BMP.

Central to the success of Woodbury Ridge’s sustainability initiatives is the carefully crafted BSA’s. These dynamic plans encompass an array of management actions and associated activities aimed at mitigating known threats and ensuring native vegetation and habitats thrive under the Stewardship Agreements. Serving as a blueprint for ongoing conservation efforts, these efforts showcase the Developers dedication to preserving our natural heritage.

To ensure the BSA’s effectiveness, the required management actions are prefunded by the developer via a significant payment to the Biodiversity Conservation Trust.The owners of the Stewardship Sites can then receive an annual payment in advance to complete the required management actions.

In keeping with its forward-thinking approach, Woodbury Ridge partners with Property Shell to streamline development processes, enhance communication, and foster efficient management of sales, marketing, and future development. By embracing technology, Woodbury Ridge not only creates a seamless experience for its residents but also highlights its commitment to innovative solutions that benefit both the community and the environment.

These Stewardship Lots will be released to the market in August with the remainder of the blocks within Woodbury Ridge coming to the market in Spring this year. For more information visit the website or contact the Capital Plus 1 sales team via

Woodbury Ridge stands as a paragon of truly sustainable development on the doorstep of our national capital. Through its holistic approach to development and the inclusion of the Stewardship Sites, intensive protections for native vegetation, and ongoing monitoring, Woodbury Ridge genuinely embodies the essence of preserving and enhancing the region's unique biodiversity values. By uniting responsible development with environmental conservation, Woodbury Ridge creates lasting value for its homeowners while safeguarding the natural heritage for generations to come. Indeed, it serves as an inspiring model for sustainable practices that other developments across the country can emulate and draw inspiration from.

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