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Tech Savvy Strategies: Adaptability and Agility


The real estate market is notoriously volatile, and periods of economic uncertainty can exacerbate this unpredictability. The recent collapses of a major home builder in Australia and US banks have underscored the importance of sustainability in the industry. By embracing technology that can respond quickly to market changes, real estate companies can position themselves for success in a challenging market.


Generic CRMs Don't Work For Property Projects. Here's Why.


Why property developers are switching to real estate-specific CRM

We often hear from developers and project marketing companies that their CRM just doesn’t measure up, or they find themselves dealing with the pain of trying to implement, tailor and manage a generic CRM platform within their business. They end up becoming a part-time ‘software development’ house, taking energy and effort away from the core business of being a property developer or sales agent.