Navigating the Pitfalls in CRM Pricing

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The Planning Fallacy and Hidden Costs

The planning fallacy, as described by psychologists Kahneman and Tversky, refers to the tendency to underestimate the time, resources, and effort required to complete a task. Generic CRM systems often exploit this bias by employing hidden cost structures, making it challenging to accurately forecast and budget.

Generic CRM platforms frequently advertise seemingly low base prices, enticing businesses to commit. However, these initial costs often exclude critical services, training, integrations, and support. Hidden costs emerge as additional fees are added for essential functionalities that were assumed to be part of the base package. This lack of transparency leads to inadequate planning and budgeting, causing businesses to face financial surprises later in the implementation process.

The Law of Sunken Costs and Making Informed Decisions

The law of sunken costs is a cognitive bias that influences decision-making. It suggests that individuals and businesses often hesitate to abandon an endeavour, even when it becomes clear that continuing will lead to further financial loss. This bias can be exacerbated when hidden costs are involved.

Generic CRM systems capitalize on the law of sunken costs by presenting low upfront prices and later revealing hidden fees. This makes it more challenging for businesses to walk away from a subpar CRM solution, as they have already invested time and resources into the implementation process.

Property Shell, with its transparent pricing and all-inclusive service, empowers property professionals to make informed decisions. By understanding the full costs from the start, real estate developers and agents can objectively assess the value and benefits of the CRM system without being influenced by the law of sunken costs. This ability to evaluate and make changes as needed ensures that businesses can pivot and adapt to their evolving needs, ultimately leading to more successful outcomes.

In contrast, Property Shell offers a comprehensive solution that includes all essential services and support in their pricing structure. By eliminating hidden costs and providing transparency, businesses can accurately forecast their tech spend, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the budget required.

The Benefits of Property Shell's All-Inclusive Service

Property Shell stands apart from generic CRM systems by offering an all-inclusive service, eliminating hidden costs and providing businesses with a clear understanding of their financial commitments.

With Property Shell, there are no hidden fees for essential functionalities, training, or support. Businesses can confidently plan their budgets, knowing that they have a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with their CRM solution. This transparency allows for accurate forecasting, preventing unexpected financial burdens and enabling businesses to allocate their resources efficiently.

Furthermore, Property Shell's all-inclusive service means that businesses can leverage the full potential of the CRM system without worrying about additional charges for integrations or customizations. This level of flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor the CRM platform to their specific needs, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, Property Shell provides ongoing support and training as part of their inclusive service. This empowers businesses to optimize their CRM utilization, enhancing their team's capabilities and ensuring a smooth implementation process. By removing the hidden costs associated with additional training and support, Property Shell enables businesses to focus on achieving their goals rather than worrying about unforeseen expenses.

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